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Workshop with Mesa & Cadera, Brazil

On 13th October The Poundshop will head to Rio, Brazil to run a 6 day long workshop together with Mesa & Cadera.  Mesa & Cadera gather talented professionals with different skills and experiences to conceive, develop and prototype solutions. Their mission is to help professionals and companies solve extraordinary challenges in a short period of time. The workshop will beheld at Olabi worker space in Rio and will challenge the participants to come up with new products combining the Brazilian tradition of gambiarra and The Poundshop challenge of affordable design. 

A huge thanks to our producer Ana Bender for making this happen! 
Ana Bender is a strategic and fashion designer based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She recently launched, that does design strategies for those who realised work and life are part of the same thing: live doing what you love. After ten years working in the fashion industry, her experience with fashion design, retail management, brand management, entrepreneurship and higher education drives her to give the next step. The projects she does connect all she learned with the past experiences with the desire to be part of the creative economy that is changing the way the world do business,from merely producing and consuming into something more humanely sustainable. If you want to work with Ana you can send her an email on anareginabender(at)



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