*Submissions are now closed*

We are happy to announce The Garage Sale will be returning for its third year! Generously hosted by Uniqlo on it's LifeWear Floors, this is an amazing opportunity to sell your wares on Oxford Street!

The Garage Sale will take place at Uniqlo 311 Oxford Street 7th-9th December 2017. 

This is very different from the usual Poundshop and might be mostly suited to the more established designer. 

Remember those portfolios full of prints hidden in the back of your studio? Or the prototype of that stool you made five years ago, but haven’t been able to part with it as it still has value. Consider the mountain of props you’ve custom made and have no use for now the shoot is over but can’t bare to throw in the skip?

We are looking for past season products, seconds, props, back issues and samples that have no easy retail outlet, but still have great value. We all have the odd slightly damaged product we can’t quite throw away, sell it at The Garage Sale!



Items can range from: Graphic Design, Illustration, Jewellery Design, Publishing, Set Design, Product Design, Photography, Props, Interaction Design, pretty much anything which would make a great Christmas gift to sell from £1 to £100.

The majority of products will be for sale under £15. We will be using price bands for quicker check out please select from:

£1, £3, £5, £10, £15 £20, £30, £40, £50, £60,
£80, £100

Please consider the audience when pricing your wares. Customers will be coming for a bargain! You can sell a single unit to 100s.

We only want old/past season/unique products, nothing created specially for this shop. Items that are slightly damaged are fine.



The Garage Sale curates a range of products from the submissions. There are no fees - just a sales commission. 

10% on £1 products and 30% across all other prices.

If you would like to be considered for our next shop email: submissions(at)thepoundshop.org
and we will send you a google doc to fill in.

DEADLINE for completed google docs:
Saturday 25th November 2017

Please get in touch ASAP for a greater chance of being accepted. Products we love will be accepted immediately!

The Garage Sale
Opening 7th - 9th December 2016
LifeWear Floors
311 Oxford Street

Successful submissions will need to be delivered on 3rd December.
Unit 2B
8-10 Greatorex St
E1 5NF

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!