We are very excited to announce The Garage Sale is popping up once again this Christmas, at the ICA.

The Garage Sale is not your usual sample sale or Christmas market, in fact it's neither of those, but a carefully curated shop full of products made by many talented designers from all over of UK. This store offers you a selection of creations from past seasons, returns or unique work in progress samples at a lower price.

It is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on goods from some of your favourite designers and artists all under one roof! This time around we will be setting up shop in the ICA Theatre space, selling products from 60+ designers ranging from £1 up to £100. There will be loads to choose from for the shopping hungry, prints by Scout Editions, necklaces by One We Made Earlier, posters by APFEL, clocks ByShop and much more. 

Thursday 1st December
6pm - 10 pm

Opening Times:
Friday 2nd December - Saturday 3rd December
11am – 6pm

The Mall

Entry: £1
(Please note that a £1 Day Membership is charged to all ICA visitors during gallery hours, with the exception of education groups, under 18’s, disabled visitors, over 60’s, ICA members and ticket holders)

Cards are accepted in the shop but cash is quicker! 

Adriana Jaros / After Party / Alec Doherty / Alice Bosc / Alice Jacobs for Flux Laser Studio / Alice Stevenson / Alice Tait / Alissa + Nienke / Aliyah Hussain / Anne Harild / Anjuli McKenna / A Practice for Everyday Life / Behind the X / Before Breakfast / Bramble and Mr TWIGG / Boom Badge Team / Brose-Fogale / ByStudio / Carol Sachs / Charlotte Mei / Chi He / Cecily Vessey / Claude d’Avoine / Custom Made / Dario Utreras / Department store for the mind / Dicky Bird / Ding Ding / Doodlemoo / East End Press / Eleanor Bolton / Elinor Portnoy / Emma Knight Design / Erin Aniker / espergaerde / Gail Bryson / Garudio Studiage / Green Digit Limited / Georgia Bosson / George Wu / I AM A / He Chi / Hana + Hasmita / Hanna Melin / Hannah Warren / Jacqueline Colley / Jenni Desmond / Jess Nash / Jo Davies Ceramics / Jode Pankhurst / Jot Paper Co / Kangan Arora / Karl Toomey / Kate Gibb / Kate Trouw / LAHLA studio / LARA GÖRLACH / Laura Bird / L’Etabli London / Laura Slater / Lisa Jones Studio / Lollipop Designs Ltd / Louise Madzia / Lucy Kirk / Lucy Loves This / Lynne MacLachlan / Matthew Green / Marina Stanimirovic / MrPS / Natsko Seki / Nicky McWilliams / Noodoll ltd / Octopress / Ohh-ahh / One We Made Earlier / Rachel Powell / RoseBlake / Rubble Rubble / Sarah Boris / Sarah Capel Printing / Saskia Pomeroy / Scout Editions / Silo Studio / Silvia Baz / Sinead But /  Sparrow and Wolf / Studio Custhom / Susse Collection / Tal Drori / Teresa Mum / Thomas Danthony / Tom Pigeon / Vendredi Office / Wolf and Moon / Wrap / Yes but and What If

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