Fri, Nov 29, 20196:00 PM  Sun, Dec 1, 20198:30 PM

To book your free ticket head here!

The Garage Sale - UNIQLO

Thu, Dec 7, 201710:00 AM  Sat, Dec 9, 20179:00 PM
For the third Christmas running, we are very excited to announce that The Garage Sale is back! This time, we are hosted by UNIQLO and The Garage Sale will be located on their LifeWear Floors (3rd & 4th), in the heart of Oxford street, London.

Opening times:
Thursday 7th December – Saturday 9th December 2017
10am – 9pm

LifeWear Floors (3rd and 4th)
311 Oxford Street
Best accessed by the entrance to the right hand side of main one. The lift will take you right up to us!

The Garage Sale is a carefully curated shop full of products made by many independent designers from all over the UK. This store offers you a selection of creations from past seasons, returns or unique work in progress at a lower price. It is an amazing opportunity to get your hands-on rarely available goods from some of your favourite designers and artists all under one roof. Prices range from £1 up to £100.

Confirmed designers (more to be announced):
ALBOAE / Anna Wiscombe / Before Breakfast / Belinda Chen / Custom Made / Ding Ding / i am a / Hayward Gallery Publishing / Jacqueline Colley / Kangan Arora / Kate Trouw / Keep Cards / LAHLA Studio / Lara Gorlach / Lisa Jones Studio / Lollipop Designs / Malika Favre / Moe Asari / Noodoll / Nylon Sky / Ohh Ahh / One We Made Earlier / Pinform / Rosa & Clara Designs / Rosie Brewer / Scout Editions / Sheepers / Sinead But / Tal Drori / Tom Pigeon / Wrap Magazine

Brompton Christmas Event
Tuesday, December 5, 2017
6:00 PM  8:00 PM
On 5th December we will be popping up in Brompton District selling some lovely items from 11 different designers. Come and join us and the other stalls and get in to the Christmas spirit!
Lower End of Exhibition Road,
South Kensington Tube

Participating Designers:
Alice Bosc / Custom Made / Ding Ding / Dicky Bird / Hana and Hasmita / I am a / Lisa Jones Studio / Lucy Kirk / Rachel McGivern / Scout Editions / Tom Pigeon  

Tue, Oct 25, 201610:00 AM  Wed, Oct 26, 20164:00 PM
Help us design and decorate unique clocks and pen pots to be sold online for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. The original products have been created by Will Smith.

Free ( Patients only)

Click to buy here! (this page is now closed)
All proceeds go to GOSH Charity.

Workshop part of Family Arts Week at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Fri, Jul 29, 20166:00 PM  Sun, Aug 7, 20165:00 PM

The Poundshop 17 at South Block, Glasgow, for Merchant City Festival 2016

Friday 29th July
6pm - 8pm
Opening Times:
Saturday 30th July – Sunday 7th August
11am – 5pm

South Block
64 Osborne street
G1 5QH

In July 2016, The Poundshop will be setting up shop at South Block, Glasgow, in collaboration with Wasp Studios for Merchant City Festival 2016. The Poundshop 17 celebrates the tenth anniversary of the twinning of Glasgow and Marseille and showcases low cost products produced by a mix of eclectic designers, influenced by these two great cities. This is the first time The Poundshop has appeared in Scotland, boasting a unique interior created by local designer Steff Norwood and it is an occasion not to be missed! The Poundshop 17 is a great opportunity to lay your hands on specially curated products with everything selling for £1, £3 and £5! Products includes: wrapping paper by Nikki McWilliams, prints by Risotto, ceramic brooches by Jode Pankhurst, postcards by Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte and much more!

Participating designers:
Alice Jacobs for Flux Laser Studio / Alice Stevenson / And penguin said nothing / Beth and Betty / Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte / Benoît Jacques /  BOOM!BADGE / Charles Fréger /  Custom Made /Claire Henry Ceramics / Dicky Bird / Doris does doodles / East End Press / Eva Abdulina, AUB VisCom / everyones electronic / FOTOKINO / Frédérique Bertrand / Glasgow Soap Company / Hanna Melin / Jenni Desmond / Jochen Gerner /  Jode Pankhurst / Jolly Robin / Lisa Jones Studio / Lollipop Designs / Mr Ps / Nikki McWilliams / PERF / Mr PS / Nikki McWilliams / RISOTTO / Sara Ferrari / Scout Editions / Sparrow & Wolf / Teresa Mum / The Poundshop / Tom Pigeon

Wed, Dec 16, 201510:00 AM  Thu, Mar 31, 201611:00 PM

We are happy to announce the opening of Au Pont Rouge, a new department store in St Petersburg. The Poundshop are taking part with a specially curated product range from UK designers.

Opening times:
10 am - 22pm
Friday - Monday

St Petersburg
DEC10TO DEC 13Event

Thu, Dec 10, 20156:00 PM  Sun, Dec 13, 20154:00 PM

The Poundshop presents The Garage Sale at Somerse House in December 2015.

Thursday 10th December 2015
6pm – 10pm

Opening Times:
Friday 11th December 10am – 10pm
Saturday 12th December 10am – 6pm
Sunday 13th December 10am – 4pm

£3 (all proceeded goes to the running of Somerset House Trust)

The Lancaster Rooms
Somerset House
Entrance on Waterloo Bridge Road

In December 2015 The Poundshop will be opening a special shop at Somerset
House, from Thursday 10th December – Sunday 13th December 2015.The Garage Sale is a new pop-up event where designers are able to sell stock from past seasons, prototypes, work in progress and samples. The Garage Sale will bring these products from over 50 designers into one specially curated space designed by BAT STUDIO. Customers will be able to get their hands on items that are not available in any shop and is perfect for those who might have missed a particular item the first time around or design lovers on a budget, searching for unique Christmas presents. Prices will range from our £1 items all the way up to £100. Products include: Arnold Circus stools by Martino Gamper, one-off scarves designed by Malika Favre, animation stills by Johnny Kelly, prints by HelloVon, illustrated cards and mugs by Lisa Jones Studio, sunglasses by Craig&Karl.

Participating designers:

Alice Bosc / Alice Stevenson / Alice Tait / Alice Tye / Alex Mellon / Alison Carmichael represented by Jelly London / Alma Hauser / Anne Harild /  ByShop / Bramble & Mr Twigg / Caitlin Hinshelwood / Charlotte Mei / Charlotte Edey / Clea Jentsch / Craig & Karl / Common Books Print Archive / Custom Made / Dicky Bird / Ding Ding / Eleanor Bolton / Electric Daisy Flower Farm / Eloise James / espergaerde / Erica Donovan / Fx Goby / Georgia Bosson / George Wu / Garudio Studiage / Hanna Melin / Hannah Warren / HelloVon / Hurst St. Studios Print archive / Jack Cunningham / Jennifer Argo / Jo Davies / Johnny Kelly / Kangan Arora / Katie Scott / LAHLA studio / Lisa Jones Studio / Lollipop Designs / Louise Madzia / Lucie Sheridan / Malika Favre / Marina Stanimirovic / Martino Gamper / Matt Johnstone represented by Jelly London / Mr PS / Melvin Galapon / Ohh-Ahh / Patternbooth / Romm 39 / Seed Cell / Scout Editions / Sparrow and Wolf / Stööki x Roland Ellis / Susse Linton / Teresa Mum / Thomas Danthony / Tom Pigeon / William Smith

Thu, Oct 15, 20151:00 PM  Tue, Oct 20, 20152:00 PM

On 13th October The Poundshop will head to Rio, Brazil to run a 6 day long workshop together with Mesa & Cadera. Mesa & Cadera gather talented professionals with different skills and experiences to conceive, develop and prototype solutions. Their mission is to help professionals and companies solve extraordinary challenges in a short period of time. The workshop will beheld at Olabi worker space in Rio and will challenge the participants to come up with new products combining the Brazilian tradition of gambiarra and The Poundshop challenge of affordable design.

A huge thanks to our producer Ana Bender for making this happen!
Ana Bender is a strategic and fashion designer based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She recently launched, that does design strategies for those who realised work and life are part of the same thing: live doing what you love. After ten years working in the fashion industry, her experience with fashion design, retail management, brand management, entrepreneurship and higher education drives her to give the next step. The projects she does connect all she learned with the past experiences with the desire to be part of the creative economy that is changing the way the world do business,from merely producing and consuming into something more humanely sustainable. If you want to work with Ana you can send her an email on anareginabender(at)

Thu, Sep 3, 20158:00 AM  Sat, Sep 5, 20159:00 AM

Sara from The Poundshop, have curated a product range of items to be sold on PiH new web shop.  Paintings in Hospitals help health and social care providers introduce art into their environment, using a loan schemes and partnering with national collections such as the Arts Council Collection and the V&A, to make health and social care sites more stimulating, comforting and supportive spaces. All products has been carefully chosen to make the perfect gifts for a loved one in care. 100% of profits made on sold items goes to the charity and help fund putting arts in hospitals around the UK.

The new range will be available online from 3rd  September.

Also from 18:00 on Thursday 03 September, you can enjoy and experience these new products at PiH first ever pop up shop at the Menier Gallery.


Wed, Jun 24, 20156:45 PM Wed, Jul 1, 20156:00 PM
Science Museum (map)

In June 2015 The Poundshop will be opening a very special shop at The Science Museum London, from Wednesday 24th June 2015 to Wednesday 1st July 2015. The opening will coincide with the Science Museum Lates, The Next Big Thing in collaboration with the Royal Society where scientists and researchers will be showing off and talking about what they are working on.