The Poundshop Cart is a portable solution to use for a pop-up shop, market stall or an event in any location you wish. This cart provides an elegant and practical display for all types of occasions, it is light, easy to transport, has lockable storage and much more. The Poundshop cart is available to order through mail(at)  

Many thanks to Scout Editions for loaning us items for our home page image. Thanks to Bob & Bear for the display pet shop products.

Please see below for more information about the cart.

John Short

Poundshop Cart: Andrew & Sitraka in collaboration with The Poundshop

The footprint of the cart is made to fit a normal market stall and fit in a small van.
Size - folded - 1185 x 862 x 875mm
Open - 875 x 1700 x 1950mm

The cart is fitted with a pegboard wall and includes three shelves with fittings. There are also two hanging bars, to display lighter items such as a T-shirt or tote bag.

It has a 0.5m2 internal and lockable storage, also a cupboard with sliding doors at the back where you can store such things as a till, bags,money,card readers etc. The cart had an Integrated cable port in the bottom of the draw, that enables you to hide your cables.

The cart comes in three finishes - unvarnished (allowing you to customise with paint), varnished plywood, and finally varnished with formica top. Formica tops are hardwearing and waterproof, perfect for anyone with messy products! Formica comes in many different colours, so you are able to choose one that fits your brand. The wheel hubs are available in either black, yellow or white.

The cart has three wheels: two Pneumatic ones, and a solid nylon castor with brake. The wheels can carry up to 100kg. The Pneumatic wheels are made of rubber and commonly used for wheelbarrows. Rubber tyre inflates to 2bar.

The new Poundshop cart is made using sustainably-sourced birch plywood. We work closely with LAB 83, a digital fabrication bureau based in South East London, using a CNC machine (this is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools) which provides consistency and accuracy, while minimising wastage and therefore reducing the material footprint of the cart, and ensuring a well-crafted unit.
A cart with formica top is £1,900. A plain cart made of only ply is £1,850. This does not include delivery costs. Approx delivery times 3-4 weeks.

Please note we are currently only shipping to the United Kingdom for orders under 5 carts.